Bishop Varlaam: “I want Dagestan to peacefully live and prosper, and the Lord bless us for it”

admin | 13 February 2013

Makhachkala, February 12, 2013. On February 11, a meeting  of Makhachkala mayor Said Amirov with the delegation of the Russian Orthodox Church led by the Archbishop of Alania and Vladikavkaz  Zosima and the bishop of  Makhachkala and Grozny Varlaam, the Chairman of the Council of Deputies of Makhachkala Magomed Magomedrasulov took place in the building of Makhachkala administration.

Opening the event, the mayor of Makhachkala greeted the guests and expressed his gratitude to the Archbishop of Alania and Vladikavkaz Zosima.

“You pay special attention to our moral regeneration, the inter-religious dialogue development among people in the region and make a significant contribution to the social cohesion and stability in the Caucasus” – S. Amirov noted.

The mayor of Makhachkala  also congratulated the Bishop Varlaam on appointment as the head of the Russian Orthodox Church across Dagestan and Chechnya.

“I am confident that your activities will contribute to further cooperation between the state and the Russian Orthodox Church for the prosperity of the people of our region.

Your appointment proves the great attention to Dagestan paid by the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill. From our part, we will promise of giving every possible assistance to you. We all need to work together to solve the main purpose – the achievement of international peace and inter-religious dialogue in our republic as well as in the whole of Russia” – Said Amirov said.

The archbishop Zosima told that his first steps in church activities had been started here in Makhachkala.

“I love immensely Dagestan. I see that Makhachkala city is developing rapidly. The people together of different religions live in peace and harmony. God is single and has no nationality. The Muslims, the Christians, the Jews – all of us believe in one God”- he pointed out.

The bishop of Grozny and Makhachkala, Varlaam noted that the leadership of Makhachkala and Dagestan, in general, acknowledge the vital role of the Orthodox Christians living in the republic.

“I want to express my gratitude for everything done in the republic for the restoration of Temple. I hope that I will not let anyone down. I will try to maintain friendly relationship with all. We have only one God, and if people understand it, there will no discord among them. I want the people living in the region to be educated properly and live in peace and harmony, I want Dagestan prosper, for this, we have everything, and the Lord will help us “- the bishop concluded.

Source: RIA Dagestan

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