Giannaras Says Greece’s Problems Political

Christina Flora | 03 July 2013

July 3, 2013

giannarasWell-known University of Athens Professor Christos Giannaras, jumping into the debate about the dysfunctional state of Greece, blamed its problems on the usual suspects, primarily a bloated public sector notoriously inefficient which has weighed down the economy for decades.

Giannaris said the country’s public administration, packed with political hires, is a failure and responsible for orgies of wild overspending for decades and a series of New Democracy Conservative and PASOK Socialist governments – now sharing power – borrowing over their heads and getting deep into debt.

He said the country’s problems are political and not economic and said its leaders have created a moral and cultural crisis as well with their ineptitude and partisan policies designed to enrich those in power and reward their friends with jobs and contracts at the public expense.

This has led, he said, to a warped society reliant on cradle-to-grave government care and jobs. He said that Greece no longer has a body, a value system which is able to trust and adopt, downgraded and abandoned its culture and language, neglected its religious heritage and is in a state of permanent disrepair. Greece has long since lost its Greek elements, he added.

Source: Greek Reporter

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