Metropolitan Juvenaly: Russian people always respond to other people’s misfortunes

admin | 07 January 2014

On the Christmas Eve, or the evening before Christmas Day, which is celebrated in Russia on the night from January 6th to 7th, Metropolitan Juvenaly of Krutitsy and Kolomna, congratulated the VoR listeners on the occasion.

Photo: Voice of Russia

Photo: Voice of Russia

Addressing both the monks and nuns, and also the listeners of the Voice of Russia, he said that all people are happy on Christmas Day, which is an annual commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ, the son of God.

At the same time, it is a good opportunity for everyone to kneel before Jesus Christ. The Saviour’s coming to the earth, according to the New Testament, offers proof of God’s grandeur and shows the triumph of goodwill between people, Metropolitan Juvenaly explained.

All believers must be zealous and must learn to be merciful because zeal for the glory of God is the primary motive for world missions, Metropolitan Juvenalysaid. God, the creator of Heaven and Earth, promised salvation and eternal life to all who believe in and accept Jesus Christ.

Saint Eprem Sirin said once that nobody should be the source of sorrow for other people. Strengthening our faith in Jesus Christ, we should spread good news to all those who are near us and far away, Metropolitan said. Christmas is a good chance for the restoration of church life.

“We must work for the benefit of people, promoting the victory of good, the triumph of justice and the strengthening of morals”, Metropolitan Juvenaly said, adding that last year the Church issued many appeals, urging people to offer help in the protection of human lives.

“And I am thankful to all those who responded to other people’s misfortunes, Metropolitan Juvenaly said, voicing certainty that they would be rewarded for their good deeds, Metropolitan Juvenaly said.

At the end of his speech he congratulated all Orthodox believers on Christmas.

Source: Voice of Russia

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