Patriarch Kirill urges to redeem sins of revolution building up a just society

admin | 22 February 2017
Moscow, February 20, Interfax - Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia urges to build a just society in Russia.
Patriarch Kirill urges to redeem sins of revolution building up a just society

“From the events that happened 100 years ago we should make a very important conclusion. We should redeem our sins and sins of our predecessors with our virtue, we should build up a good and just society, we should overcome sin in our personal and social life. We should see the grief of those, who is sick, hungry, who is in prison or hospital,” the patriarch said after the liturgy he celebrated on Sunday in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow.

According to him, if people’s life will focus on love, kindness, indulgence, “it will be our personal participation in redemption of our predecessors’ sins.”

“If, even living in conditions of prosperity, we won’t be able to do good things from our hearts, then we are not secured from trials in personal and public life as survival of human society is directly connected with doing the good things, the good keeps the world from breaking down and preserves human history from a terrific final,” the primate stressed urging to “build a civilization of spirit, not flesh.”

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