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Russian Orthodox priest shot in Chuvashia
Apr 24, 2010, 22:52

A Russian Orthodox priest shot in Chuvashia before the evening service in Chuvashia, Russia, Sat, 24 April.

 Archpriest Anatoly Sorokin from Chuvashia was shot before the evening servise, says bishop Savvaty of Buratia in his blog.

Superior of the St. Nicholas Church in Yantikovo, father of 5 children, he came from a very religious family and was always very cheerful, says bishop Savvaty.

His wife said to bishop Savvaty, that Fr. Anatoly was shot in the back, the bullet went directly in to the heart. The murderer shot from a short distance.

A criminal case was initiated. A 47-old villager suspected of the murder was taken in custody.

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