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Stop! Address by Metropolitan Vladimir of Bishkek and Central Asia to the people of Kyrgyzstan
Translated from Russian by Julia Zubkova for
Jun 18, 2010, 01:44
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The Orthodox Church in Kirghizia does not remain neutral to what is happening in the country. As early as in April, 2010 Metropolitan Vladimir made an appeal to people, in whichhe reminded that the one pressing for justice or simply his own power, having obtained or asserted  it by any unconstitutional and unlawful way, outside the legal environment, assumes a sin by no means justified on his conscience and heart. Evil brings about evil. Metropolitans word was not listened to, ad now His Eminence addresses to people with a word full of sorrow again.

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Metropolitan Vladimir of Bishkek and Central Asia

Dear Friends!

Brothers and sisters!

Im addressing you once again, hoping that good judgment has not completely left you and the things that our sacred books the Bible and Qur'an teach every believer will prevail: dont lift hand against your brother in faith, forgive and love your neighbor even if he is your enemy.

It is with a heavy heart that Im writing you these lines the innocent blood has already been shed.

By now many people, blinded by hatred that was raised by evil and unfair provokers word, could not refrain themselves and disobeyed Gods will, bringing death to their brothers in their own Islamic faith.

They seem to have forgotten what is said in Qur'an about those who mislead them this fratricidal way out of profit motive: Neither obey thou each feeble oath-monger, detracter, spreader abroad of slanders, Hinderer of the good, transgressor, malefactor, greedy therewithal, intrusive. It is because he is possessed of wealth and children. [1]

But they obeyed, and they will unavoidably answer at the Last Judgment.


For there is still the time to stop and ask themselves looking at those around you whether those satanic puppeteers standing invisibly behind you have turned you into marionettes.

Be not as those who say, we hear, and they hear not... [2]

Im sure that if you have some common sense, if the fear of God abides in you, you will be the murderers, violators and marauders robbing other peoples homes no more. And it does not matter what nationality is the one you made your enemy, what matters is that you transgress the commandments of God, who did not divide the mankind he created into nationalities, but who said through the mouth of his prophet Mohammed: And of those whom We created there is a nation who guide with the Truth and establish justice therewith.[3]

Will anyone dare to divide His one people into pure and impure, those who are worthy to live on this earth and those who are not?  Is there such a bold spirit, who, having forgotten His Judgment, will dare to establish his own small personal justice, as it seems to him, breaking the Divine justice established by Him till the end of times?

Ye are requited naught save what ye did[4]

Much of what has already happened in Kyrgyzstan is terrible, and none of those who committed those terrible things, having forgotten all the commandments, will avoid responsibility for that. Women and children died  Thousands of people lost their shelter and means of sustenance

The economy of a small country, scarce as it is, suffered such an attack from which it would be unable to recover for a long time. Murders and riots did not solve the previously existing conflicts, but plunged the state into more severe poverty and led to more dependence from the outer forces.  Was it what the young country really needed?

The answer is unambiguous

So when you were going out in the streets against your brothers in faith, against Muslims, worshipping God as much as you do, was it difficult to you to understand that by this you destroy the unified body of Islam, your own spiritual body?

No doubt, you might have disagreements with many of those whom you opposed.  However, dont you know that in whatsoever ye differ, the verdict therein belongeth to Allah. [5]?

The fire is not smothered yet. Tragic deaths are still not bewept. Things happened that happened, and it is to be recompensed.

But still, it is in the power of human reason to stop the madness of hatred, as the Holy Quran appeals: And if two parties of believers fall to fighting then make peace between them. And if one party of them doeth wrong to the other, fight ye that which doeth wrong till it return unto the ordinance of Allah; then, if it return, make peace between them justly, and act equitably. Lo! Allah loveth the equitable. The believers are naught else than brothers. Therefore make peace between your brethren and observe your duty to Allah that haply ye may obtain mercy. [6].

I pray for those who died innocently, I pray for you, my brothers that unjust hatred of your brothers left your souls.   Remember, Let all bitterness and wrath and anger and clamor and slander be put away from you, along with all malice. Be kind to one another, tender-hearted, forgiving each other, just as God in Christ also has forgiven you.[7]

Vladimir, Metropolitan of Bishkek and Central Asia

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Russian text - courtesy of the online magazine "Orthodoxy and the world". Translated from Russian by Julia Zubkova

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