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Russian Orthodox Church in the Second world war

May 8, 2006, 13:42
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Metropolitans Alexie (Simanskij), Sergiy (Stragorodskij), Nikolai (Jarushevitch) (in the middle) surrounded by the bishops, who were called back from exile to take part in the Assembly of the 1943

The command officer of the 5th partisans' brigade hero of the Soviet Union K.D. Kamritskiy is awarding the priest of the Porokhov region F.A. Puzanov with a medal "The Partisan of the Second World War"

Archbishop Mikhey (Kharharov) - has struggled throughout all the war

The session of the Sinod of the Russion Orthodox Church September ,8 1943

The tank column of the St. Dimitry of Don - it was bulit on the money collected by the Church and was given to the army

The executive secretary of the Moscow Patriarchia metripolitan Nikolat is awarding the hierarchs of the Church with the medals "For the Defense of Moscow". 1944

Service in the Cathedral of St. Nicolas during the days of the Leningrad blockade. The service is conducted by the metropolitan Alexei (Simanskiy)

The prayer on the Dnepr and the sacred processions of the believers of the Lotskamenka (Ukraine)

On the partisan's paths of Belorussia

The sacred procession - prayers for the liberation of the Motherland


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