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About the World Crisis
St. Nicolas Serbian
Feb 27, 2009, 10:00
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Translated by Zhanna Menshikova


A letter to priest K. on the world crisis

You ask me, man of God
, about the reason for and the significance of the current economic crisis.  Who am I to be approached with such a problem? St. Gregory the Theologian once said: “Speak if what you’ve got to say is of more significance than silence”.  Although I find that silence these days is more preferable than any spoken word, out of my love for you I will write to you with my opinion on this matter.  

“Crisis” is a Greek word meaning “judgment”. In the Scripture the word “judgment” is used many times. Thus, in Psalm 1:5 we read, Therefore the ungodly shall not stand in the judgment”. Then again:  “I will sing of mercy and judgment: unto Thee, O LORD, will I sing!” (Psalm. 101:1). Wise King Solomon writes, “…every man's judgment cometh from the LORD.” (Proverb 29:26). The Saviour Himself said, For the Father judgeth no man, but hath committed all judgment unto the Son” (John, 5:22). Apostle Peter writes: “For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God (1 Peter, 4:17).


Now, replace the wordjudgementwith the wordcrisisand you will read, “I will sing of mercy and crisis, every man's crisis cometh from the LORD”, “The Father hath committed all crisis unto the Son”, “For the time is come that crisis must begin at the house of God”.

 In earlier times Europeans used the word “judgement” instead of  the word “crisis” to explain the reason for any disaster.  Nowadays the word “judgement” has been replaced with the word “crisis” and a once intelligible word has now become unintelligible. Whatever disaster occurred in the past – wars, droughts, floods, epidemics, earthquakes, plague of locusts, people used to exclaim, “God’s judgment!”. Therefore the crisis was due to droughts, floods, wars or epidemics. The current financial economic catastrophe is also looked upon as God’s Judgement, but is called “crisis” instead of “judgement”. Ignorance shall multiply misfortunes! For while the wordjudgmentwas in use, the cause and the target of the disaster was clear and the Judge who had allowed the disaster to happen was known.  After the wordjudgmentwas replaced by the wordcrisis”, it became unclear to most people, and nobody can explain why, by whom and what for. This is the only difference between the current economic crisis and the crises which occurred due to droughts, floods, wars, epidemics, locusts’ plagues and others.

Do you ask about the reason for the present crisis or about the judgment of God?

The reason for all droughts, floods, epidemics and any other disasters is the same as the reason for the current crisis – the falling away from God, the apostasy. This crisis, too, is caused by the sin of the apostasy and God has allowed it to happen so that the people could awaken, come to their senses and return to Him. The crisis is through sins. Indeed, God has used the modern means in order to make people understand and bring them to their senses. He has hit the banks, stock exchanges, the whole finance system. He has overthrown the tables of the financiers of the whole world exactly as He did so in the Temple of Jerusalem. He caused then an unprecedented panic among the sellers and the moneychangers. He unsettled, confused and intimidated them, and He has done so now so as the haughty and arrogant American and European philosophizers awaken, come to their senses and remember God and those who have gained a foothold in the harbour of material welfare remember about their souls, acknowledge their wrongdoings and bow to the God Almighty, the Living God.   

How long is the crisis to last? As long as it is necessary for the complacent perpetrators to acknowledge the victory of the Almighty. As long as it is necessary for people to realize it and to translate the word “crisis’ into their native languages and to exclaim with a repenting sigh: “Judgment of God”. 

You too, honorable father, call thecrisis”Gods Judgment”, and everything will become clear to you.

Greetings and piece from the Lord.




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