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The spiritual vertical of human self-existence. Hadzi Miodrag Miladinovic'

Jun 10, 2009, 10:00
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Hadzi Miodrag Miladinovic', born in 1957 in Aleksinac, is a Master of photography of FSJ, and a member of ULUPUDS from 1990. He goes in for photography, television and design.

He has taken part in about 250 group exhibitions, national and international, and has won more than a hundred awards and acknowledgements. The two most significant awards he won at "Aqueducte 2000, Man protagonist of the 20-th century" in Spain, as well as the award in Pleven, Bulgaria.

He held 31 one-man exhibitions in the country and abroad. With his photos he realized a large number of books, catalogues, leaflets and booklets. He published his photos in every more important daily or magazine.

Hadzi Miodrag Miladinovic', as an orthodox follower, has visited the Holy Mountain and Chilandar 15 times. He took over 7000 pictures (black and white, color negative and color slides). The photos were published in many national and international publications and magazines. The exhibition with which he presented himself in Belgrade, Nis, Aleksinac and Plovdiv (Bulgaria) comprises 60 black and white photos. The life of the monks as a way of discovering the human spiritual key of century-old existence is presented in the photos.

The peninsula of Athos on Khalkidhiki takes its name from the mountain which is situated at its end and rises steeply above the Aegean Sea (2030m). As it was the meeting place of monks since ancient times, it was named the Holy Mountain. In Mount Athos there are 20 monasteries, 12 small churches and hundreds of monastic cells. The Serbian monastery of Chilandar, located on the Holy Mountain, is turned into the center of spirituality, education, art and culture. In the beauty of monasticism, creativity has reached such an ascent as in no other Serbian monastery or city. The splendor of architecture, fascinating fresco painting, immense wealth of spoken and written word. The spiritual vertical of human self-existence.


A quay

A monk


Монашеская келия
In the monastic sell

Отец Митрофан
Fr. Mitrophan

Монах Иосиф идет на вечернюю службу
Monk Josef is going to the evening service

A monk

Введение 4.12.2007. Хиландар

Entrance of the Theotokos into the Templ
 4.12.2007. HIlandar

Похороны игумена монастыря Есфигмен
Funeral of the heogumenos of the Esphigen monastery

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