Archbishop Artemy of Grodno: Next Year I Expect the End of the World and Our End Still to Come

Archbishop Artemy of Grodno | 29 December 2014
Archbishop Artemy of Grodno tells Pravmir about the results of the outgoing year and about his expectations for the coming year.
Archbishop Artemy of Grodno: Next Year I Expect the End of the World and Our End Still to Come

Four times I lay in the hospital this year. And all because of the experience! Of course, there were many important Church questions and other problems, but we should always remember that the Church does not stand on us, but that Christ guards it. In general, far from everything in this life depends only on us. Therefore do not take a lot into your head and take care of your health! The believer knows that he lives under the eyes of God. And if so, why would he worry too much? Our own sins – that’s the only reason for experiences. And the rest – no matter what happens, no matter what difficulties or complexities – it all has its own educational and recreational program.

Actually, you should remember that problems never run out: if the ruble is strengthened, then the dollar will rise; you’ll have time to buy a cheap car, but you’ll be late to get the cheap gasoline. And so on. One only chooses what one will live for: problems or joys. I try to live for joys. Here we consecrated two churches this past year – already good. Twenty-six more are under construction: there will be joy enough for next year. Regular training courses have opened – that’s great. At least one person has been brought to God, and the Lord will appreciate this small contribution.

I understand that my comments may seem somewhat narrow. They don’t apply to any global issues. Although much has happened. But just what can be more global than our relationship with Christ? There are enough politics and economics in our lives, but these relationships with Him – unfortunately not.

This next year I expect that the end of the world will finally come and our end will already arrive. With which journalists will finally run out of reasons for news: wars, crises, the sins of others… In short, I hope that yet another year has brought us closer to an encounter with the Lord.

Recorded by Deacon Dmitry Pavlyukevich.

Translated from the Russian.

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