Figures Show Huge Links with Mental Health and Body Worries

Source: Premier
A survey by YMCA has revealed that two in three young people feel pressure to look good online and about the same number regularly worry about their appearance.
Ruth Sax | 14 May 2019
Figures Show Huge Links with Mental Health and Body Worries
Photo: Premier

The head of the YMCA’s Be Real campaign, Liam Preston, told Premier: “We are constantly bombarded with images and messages that tell you don’t look good enough.

“When you get this, when you turn over a newspaper, when you get this when you turn on TV or look on social media, they are going to feel pressure, that they aren’t good enough and this will naturally have a knock on effect on their mental health as well.”

Liam told Premier that the Be Real campaign aims to make the general population feel good about the way they look, but also to help young people who are ‘worried that they don’t fit in society.’


The start of Mental Health Awareness Week (13th – 19th May) was also marked on Monday with radio stations across the UK, including Premier, simultaneously broadcasting the Mental Health Minute.

The message included words from Katy Perry, Stephen Fry and Prince William and encouraged people to open up about their own experiences.

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