10 Strange Facts About Our Perception

Anatoly Badanov | 25 August 2018

It is strange that a hundred-ruble note [around 2 dollars – Pravmir] seems so big to us when we leave it in a church and so small when we leave it in the market.

It is strange that an hour spent on reading prayers, remembering God, seems so long to us and an hour spent on watching TV seems so short.

It is strange that while praying we find it hard to collect our thoughts, whereas we have no such trouble in a conversation with a friend.

It is strange that we get so happy after the announcement of extra time at a soccer game and complain when a sermon goes on a little longer than usual.

It is strange that forcing ourselves to read at least one chapter in the Bible is so difficult, whereas it is so easy for us to read one hundred pages in a favorite or funny group on VK, Facebook, OK, Twitter, etc.

It is strange that memorizing one prayer is so hard for us, but it is so easy to memorize and retell rumors or jokes.

It is strange that we easily believe things written in newspapers or told on TV, and it is so difficult for us to believe completely in the things written in the Holy Scripture.

It is strange that each of us wants to go to Heaven and does not want to put their effort into reaching it.

It is strange that nearly every one of us is both a judge and a lawyer: when it comes to other people’s sins, one is a judge, and when it comes to one’s own sins, one is a lawyer.

It is strange that having read these lines almost everyone will consider them relevant to others and irrelevant to themselves.

From the book “A Conversation with a Missionary”

Translated by Julia Frolova

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