Volgograd attacks are attempt to open internal front, spread chaos – Foreign Ministry

admin | 30 December 2013

Cynically planned on the eve of New Year celebrations, this strike is another attempt by terrorists to open an internal front, spread panic and chaos, cause inter-religious hatred and conflict in Russian society, says Russian Foreign Ministry.

Photo: RIA Novosti. Kirill Braga

Photo: RIA Novosti. Kirill Braga

The terrorist attacks in Volgograd are an attempt to trigger inter-confessional strife in the Russian society. This came in a report of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

“A strike that was that was cynically planned on the New Year’s eve is another terrorist to attempt to open an internal ‘front’, to cause panic and chaos, and to trigger inter-confessional strife and conflicts in the Russian society. We’ll continue our struggle with the shrewd enemy who knows no borders and can be stopped only by common efforts.”

Photo: RIA Novosti. Kirill Braga

Photo: RIA Novosti. Kirill Braga

Criminal attacks in Volgograd, as well as the attacks of terrorists in in the US, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Nigeria, and other countries, have much in common, and their inspirers have much in common too, the document stresses.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry stresses that amid the continued “frank” provocation appeals issued by the bandit warlords – such as Doku Umarov – to unite the forces under the flag of jihad and to draw new militants into the war, the destructive position of some politicians and “political technologists”, who are trying to divide into “correct” and “incorrect”, depending on the geopolitical tasks, is becoming more and more evident.

Such moves have more than once led to tragic consequences. Terrorism is always a crime, and terrorists must be punishable by law. And what is needed today is a unanimous denunciation of terrorism and, of course, international solidarity to counter terrorism and the ideology of violence and extremism, which is a feeding ground for terrorism, Russia’s Foreign Ministry said.

Source: Voice of Russia

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