Metropolitan Anthony (Pakanich) Speaks on Sadness after Ascension

Why does one suddenly feel sad after the end of the Paschal period, which lasts from Pascha to the Ascension of the Lord?

Sadness, in general, is a constant companion of a person. The one who does not get sad is not saved. Can a soul not feel sadness, if it is separated from God? After the fall of Adam and Eve, man was expelled from paradise, cut off from God by his sins. Since then, he has been painfully searching for his Creator and grieving, because he lost that blessed state that the first people received from God.

Sometimes everything seems to be fine, but a person feels sad and uncomfortable.
Sadness is a sign of a seeking soul. And everyone needs to drink their measure of sadness to the bottom. Sadness is the endless longing of the soul for God. It cleanses and pacifies. And only God can satisfy this bright sorrow. No earthly blessings will give the soul rest and peace. Sadness and joy are two saving poles for a person. There will be no joy without sadness.

Therefore, we should not be afraid to be sad (we should not only revel in sadness and fall into despondency), but we cannot but yearn for God.

The blessed and beautiful period from Pascha to Ascension reminds people of the lost paradise. Nature is fragrant and triumphant, the waters reflect the sky, the earth absorbs the sun and gives warmth. The victory of life, light and beauty are everywhere. The Lord is with us.

It is not surprising that after Ascension there is a feeling of a certain abandonment, and therefore sadness. The Lord ascends to Heaven, leaving us on earth.

After His glorious Resurrection, Christ dwelt among people, giving them hope and love, warming them with His light. We basked in His Divine rays.

And now we are alone again… At the same time we are no longer alone. We were given the taste of eternity, and we remembered it.

By the grace of God, we lived to this Pascha and we are meeting the Ascension of the Lord. Let us ask God for great mercy to live until the next Pascha. Let us wait for the Resurrection of Christ as manna from heaven, as the most desired and long-awaited meeting. Let us prepare for it today: to feel sad, to rejoice, to believe, to hope, to humble ourselves, to love. And to wait.

Let us wait for that amazing moment when all life on earth will respond with joyful readiness to the call: Christ is Risen! Truly He is Risen!

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