What “New God” do They Call to Worship and What “New Church” are They Creating?

Metropolitan Anthony (Pakanich) commented on the recent statements and attacks against the UOC to “Orthodox Life” website, and also gave his advice on how the faithful should react in such a situation.

New god” and “New church”

Today, many of those who are fighting for a” new church” seem to offer a “new god” as well. Judging by their statements, they are looking for a convenient god for them, who would fulfill their wishes and would be powerful by earthly standards.

It is a familiar story. The Hebrew were already waiting for the Messiah, in a radically different view and form than He appeared. They longed to see Him as a great commander, a powerful leader covered in earthly glory and brilliance. All of them, without exception, would accept such a ruler of the world at once.

However, He appeared in a different way: He was born into a poor family in a cave near domestic animals, He wandered neither having a home nor shelter, He voluntarily made a sacrifice for the sake of people, including those who shouted, “Crucify!”

What could be more absurd for the Jews than the life and death of Christ?

Today, as well as two thousand years ago, those, who do not sympathize with Him nor accept Him, divide His garments like indifferent and silent accomplices in the murder.

These accomplices are now joined by those who expect the Savior only to improve earthly life and to bring prosperity, and who perceive Him as an earthly king. People who are far from Christ do not understand that His Kingdom is not connected with earthly laws and authority. It leads us to unearthly treasures: infinite and incomparable to anything earthly.

However, in order to understand this, one needs to let God in one’s life. But supporters of the “new church” are not going to do this. They apparently do not need the Living God, they need an idol, which they are going to worship.

Growing up

One should seek the Living God listening to one’s heart. Dull reason can play a nasty trick. It gets filled with content of the creation and at some point, the moment of intellectual saturation, it stops looking for the Savior and leads to the wrong path.

Whereas the heart can only be satisfied with God. Blessed are hearts that hunger and thirst, because only this urge to seek the Lord leads to inner maturity, which is the door to eternity.

Just as physical maturity and further aging lead to the transit to the other world, so spiritual maturity is a bridge to eternity.

We discover God experimentally in a moment of danger, when we realize that our life is only in His hands, everything depends on Him, and that He is our sole Protector. And this is the greatest revelation. It is true recognition of God! One can say that it is the culmination of our life. Our inner Galilee is a meeting with Christ.

Often difficulties become a favorable condition for returning to God, when we can look differently at the world, the Church, and ourselves.

Frequency of Love

Scientists have recently discovered an interesting fact.

Dolphins have to change the frequency at which they communicate.

The noise of marine engines and the work of various mechanisms under water, the number of which is rapidly increasing every day, prevent them from carrying out this communication.

Today interference is created for Orthodox believers as well: churches are seized, people are threatened, rights are infringed.

However, all of this should not throw us off the right salvational stride.

We are going to Christ. Despite all the difficulties and trials. Our language of communication with each other and with the world is a language of love and respect. If someone interferes, we should deepen our knowledge of this language and improve in it, and always be loyal to it. Our constant frequency is the frequency of love.

All trials teach us to have conscious faith instead of believing in a natural flow, by inertia.

How to learn to believe for real? The Apostle Paul said, “faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God” (Rom 10:17). The Word of God is the source that transforms and changes us, our world view, and our being which sows the seeds of true faith.

May God grant us all the strength to go to Him in the only right direction indicated in the Gospel: “God is love.” And may love become our measure and our constant frequency.

Recorded by Natalia Goroshkova.

Translated by pravmir.com

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