Anglican Diocese in Australia is Selling Churches to Pay off the Victims of Pedophiles

Bishop Richard Condie, Head of Tasmanian Anglican Diocese, published a list of 78 parish properties that may be sold to raise funds that are necessary to compensate the victims of the Church workers-pedophiles for moral damage. team | 07 June 2018

According to, most of the properties published in the preliminary list are churches.

In addition, parish buildings, rental properties, and vacant plots of land are put on the market.

In the last month’s pastoral letter addressed to the people of the diocese Bishop Richard Condie said that according to the court order, the diocese must pay about $8 million (approximately £4.5 million) by way of compensation.

“The compensation [for the damage] is very important, – stated Bishop Condie. – This is a vital step in ensuring the restorative justice, acknowledgement, and support for the victims of sexual violence. The Prophet Isaiah teaches that God loves justice and calls us to pay for those who have been wronged. As people who seek to restore this peace together with God, we are obliged to provide this compensation”.

Translated by Julia Frolova

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