Archbishop of Athens: “Detention of Thousands of People in Israeli Prisons is a Disgrace”

admin | 06 April 2014
ATHENS, April 5, 2014 – (WAFA) – Primate of the Orthodox Church of Greece and Archbishop of Athens Ieronymos II declared Saturday his support for the Robben Island Declaration for the Freedom of Marwan Barghouhti and all Palestinian Prisoners.
Archbishop of Athens: “Detention of Thousands of People in Israeli Prisons is a Disgrace”

“The detention of thousands of people in prisons is a disgrace to human civilization and a profound wound in the Middle East region,” said Ieronymos II. 

“We join the rest who are calling for releasing Marwan Barghouthi and all Palestinian prisoners and fulfilling your fair claims,” he added.

Ieronymos II made these statements in a letter he sent for Palestinian Ambassador to Greece Marwan Toubasi.

Iernymos II was briefed by Toubasi about the international campaign to release Barghouthi, the inhuman conditions of Palestinian prisoners as well as the Israeli crimes and violations against the Palestinian people, most notably house demolition, land seizure, settlement construction and the construction of the apartheid wall.

Toubasi announced that he secured the support of more than two hundreds Greek politicians, academics and artists and labor and legal organizations for the Robben Island Declaration.

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