Let’s Be Quiet. It Is Time to Listen to the Innermost

Metropolitan Anthony (Pakanich) speaks on important words in the due silence.

Less Words

There are moments in life when silence is much better than any words.

The blessed silence.

God is waiting for our silence. It speaks louder than words. When we are silent, we begin to hear God.

God does not speak just to anyone, but to us, our soul, and that inner person, whom the Creator has honored with the eternal life.

Only in God can we find peace, only He can comfort us. Only He is able to find the right and important words.

God speaks to us in the language of love. Every day. We see its glimpses in the knowing look of a neighbor, in kind words, in tender care, in help that has come in time.

We hear its sound in the beauty of the nature surrounding us, in the sudden silence, that unexpectedly pierced the space, when, as if by a wave of someone’s hand, all the noise disappears giving the solo part to our soul. Then one’s soul starts crying.

God reveals to us the depth of His love through the unfathomable power of our humility.

God speaks to us in the language of sorrow, when we do not understand or hear another language. He runs after our groaning soul trying to save it.

While listening to ourselves, we do not hear God. It is the greatest human tragedy.

A person deprives themselves of the parting voice of God, His godly-wise guidance, His fatherly unceasing help and care. His love.

There is no life without Him. There is only a kingdom of death and darkness.

Let’s be quiet. Then we would not say unnecessary rude words, repay evil for evil, judge, lie, or slander.

Patience is born in silence, without which it is impossible to achieve any virtue and fathom the truth.

Silence helps to deliberate, while driving off useless thoughts and setting one’s mind and heart for spiritual contemplation.

Do not neglect the inner silence, it yields peace and tranquility. It reveals the innermost.


One generation follows another. Words flow into each other. Only human personality does not die.

We have a beginning, but we have no end. Furthermore, we do not dissolve in impersonal infinity.

Yet the very kind of eternity that awaits us depends only on us, as well as on how we can hear God. To do this, one needs to fall silent for a moment in awe and listen closely with one’s heart.

And He will start speaking…

Translated by Julia Frolova

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