The Standoff in Ukraine: Stop! Immediately End the Violence and Restore Dialogue!

Natalya Mihailova | 20 February 2014

February 19, 2014.

In connection with the bloody clashes in Kiev, Metropolitan Anthony of Boryspil and Brovary, Administrative Director of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, has urged the disputants to stop immediately. 

“From the beginning of the political crisis, and throughout the period of standoff, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church has repeatedly called for an end to violence and for a peaceful resolution to the conflict. Unfortunately, the voice of the Church has not been heeded.

“On February 18, violent standoffs, bloodshed, and deaths again resumed on the streets of Kiev. In these moments we heard disturbing reports of new clashes on Maidan Square.

“At this difficult time, we again and again categorically condemn the shedding of blood and cry out: Stop! Immediately end the violence and restore dialogue!

“Our country, for the third month already, has been balancing on the verge of a national catastrophe. Now everyone ­– both the authorities, and the opposition, and each one of us – should take responsibility before God for his actions. The threat of civil war and economic collapse is, unfortunately, becoming all the more real.

“We urge both sides in the standoff: Brothers and sisters! Do not divide Ukraine!

“We urge all believers: Let us pray and implore the Lord, that He might enlighten us and show us the path to reconciliation!”

Prayers For Peace in Ukraine 

Petitions for the augmented litany  

Again we pray to our Lord God that all strife, dissension, division, hatred, and malice in our domain be ended, that quiet be granted to our people, and that peace might surround us, let us all say: O Lord, hear us and have mercy!

Prayer at the Divine Liturgy  

O Lord Almighty, Holy King! Look down from heaven and behold how much enmity there is among the people of this earth, how much vain and evil plotting! O Greatly-Merciful One, forgive our sins and iniquities, for which so many sorrows, afflictions, and troubles have befallen us. By the grace of Thy All-Holy Spirit bedew our hearts with love, and forgive us our self-love, hatred, envy, malice, wickedness, and iniquity, that fervent love for Thee and our brethren may grow, which shall cut off all strife, discord, and division in our Fatherland!



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