Stratford, CT: St. Nicholas Church Celebrates 25th Anniversary of Archpriest George Lardas’ Priesthood

Natalya Mihailova | 20 February 2014

February 20, 2014

lardas.lgWednesday, February 5 marked the 25th anniversary of the ordination to the priesthood of Archpriest George Lardas rector of St. Nicholas Church in Stratford, CT, where Fr. George has been serving for fourteen years now. To celebrate, on the nearest Sunday, February 9, the parish threw him a reception, organized by Maria Peavy, wife of parish’s starosta Lev Peavy, and parish Deacon Paul Giatas.

The sisterhood, led by Head Sister Joan Hudobenko, decorated the parish hall and prepared a bountiful trapeze. In addition to the parishioners, many guests came for the reception. Archpriest Peter Paproski (rector of the neighboring St. John the Baptist Carpatho-Russian Church) led the congregation in singing “Many years.” In attendance were also Fr. George’s relatives: his uncle, artist Jack Lardis, and children, Xenia and John. The parish treasurer, Anastasia Milligan, prepared special cards for Fr. George and Mat. Ann and created a certificate to go with the parish’s gift. Parishioners, along with Fr. George’s relatives and neighboring Orthodox, collected funds to provide Fr. George with a new ryassa and cassock. Fr. George’s wife, Matushka Ann, received a beautiful bouquet of roses called “Twenty-five years of matushka-hood.” Then Fr. George cut and the parish children distributed a beautiful cake. In conclusion, Fr. George thanked everyone for their prayers, love, and support, and encouraged everyone to come for the parish’s 85th anniversary celebration, which will take place on the first weekend in November.

Photo credits: George Peavy, Elena Blessig, Xenia Lardas.

Source: Media Office of the Eastern American Diocese

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