Visiting Greek Bishop Asks Russia for Help

Source: Sputnik
Bishop Ambrosius, the head of the Greek Orthodox Church delegation visiting Russia, said that Greece needs Russia's help with its economic crisis.
admin | 02 August 2015
Visiting Greek Bishop Asks Russia for Help

Calling on historic and religious ties, the head of the Greek Orthodox Church delegation visiting Russia, Bishop Ambrosius asked Russia to help Greece during a visit for events memorializing Prince Vladimir.

The bishop said that he appreciates the 500,000 euros ($552,000) raised by the Russian Orthodox Church to help Greece. He added that in many Greek cities there is mass unemployment, and people often have no means to eat or live.

“Right now Greece needs Russia’s help and asks it to help if it is possible: ‘Come and help us, we need your help.’ This wish is sharply felt in Greece right now. I say this as a bishop who heads a cathedral, who knows and sees the needs of his people,” Bishop Ambrosius said.

The bishop added that people are becoming more religious in Greece, and new churches are being built despite the crisis, because in a difficult situation, people more often “go on a path which moves toward God.”

“The church on its part tries to help people with their needs — it help with clothes, medicine, helping to feed the poor,” the bishop added.

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