Hal Freeman

I am an American living in the small city of Luga, Russia in the Leningrad Oblast. I am married to Oksana, who was born in Tula, Russia and raised here in Luga. We have three children–Roman (17), Gabriel (9), and Marina Grace (3). I also have two grown sons by my first marriage, Russell and Joel, who live in America. Oksana and I lived in St. Petersburg for almost three years (2005-2008), before moving to America. We lived in America until June 2016 when we moved back to Russia. For most of my professional career I taught Koine Greek and New Testament in a University in the U.S. I took early retirement, but serve as the “English Consultant” for Erudite, a private English school in Luga. Oksana also teaches there. My e-mail contact is halfrmn@yahoo.com.