Metropolitan Anthony: “Church of Christ Is Not a Toy, but a Living Organism”

Metropolitan Anthony (Pakanich) speaks on the inadmissibility of an attack on the Church in a civilized society.

Neither time, experience, nor history teaches a person anything. How many years have individuals fought with the Church, but have not understood the meaning of the bitter lessons so far.

The Church is the foundation of the world, the foundation of humanity, light in the darkness, and hope.

Fighting with the Church, a man is cutting the branch on which he sits. He deprives himself of the opportunity to be a person. He loses touch with the Source of Life, and therefore with life itself. Thus, he is killing himself painfully and for a long time.

Of course, everyone makes a choice for himself. Nobody forces anyone to go to the Church, to have faith. This is purely a personal matter.

But why do some people try to destroy the Church, to drive it into a corner? And who are these people? These people are those who are neither forced to go anywhere nor to believe anything. Where are the declared democratic values ​​and rights?

The authorities constantly declare freedom of choice, speech, and religion. But in fact, the unfolding events around the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, show that all these laws are being violated. The Church again and again suffers from attacks.

So today there have been a series of arson attacks on our churches, there are victims. Who will be responsible for this? In what other constitutional state can such excesses be possible? Such precedents are difficult to find, even if you try.

The connivance and impunity of the radical elements that commit lawlessness are a huge loss of reputation for a country that claims to follow a civilizational path. This is an unacceptable situation.

Respect for each other is the foundation of a democratic society. Such society respects human rights.

The Church is not a toy, but a living organism. This organism consists of millions of believers who have the right to believe and no one can take this right from them.

The Church (and not a political project) has always been the Church of Christ and the flesh of the flesh of her people. She shared all its troubles and adversities, consoled it during wars and disasters, helped it and healed it. It has been this way for centuries, and it will always be like this.

The Church, as a beloved mother, forgives everything and is always ready to understand and accept.

She will not leave her children without comfort and joy, light and love. Any attacks on the Church will not go unanswered. Violation of spiritual laws and earthly laws entails punishment. This is a universal law.

And if there comes a time when there is no good left in the world, the Church will make good from evil, because there will be nothing else left.

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