Prayer that Saves from Any Danger: Only Eight Words

Metropolitan Anthony (Pakanich) speaks on a beautiful eight-word prayer.

Any prayer said from the bottom of the heart reaches God, which means that the Lord comes to the rescue.

But help can manifest itself in different ways – it will not necessarily be a direct answer to what is requested. The Lord always knows best what we need and when.

Often we ask for some things, not being ready for them: someone wants a family, not considering their strength and the measure of their readiness for this, someone is eager for a new job, because they don’t appreciate the old one, meanwhile being not much in a hurry to work and change, and someone asks for other earthly goods, not realizing that they will ruin him or crush him with their load.

Perhaps all that we request will happen in our life, but not now. The right moment should come – the readiness of one’s soul for such a gift. The Lord is the only one Who knows when this hour will come. He is preparing us for this.

There are also unfeasible prayers, i.e. harmful, unhealthy petitions for us. In our spiritual shortsightedness, we ourselves do not see what this or that petition can turn into. But the Lord sees it. He sees and stands guard over our soul.

One of the main prayers of believers, which protects us in any difficult circumstances, is the angelic prayer, or the Trisagion: “Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy Immortal, have mercy on us.”

There are no specific requests in this prayer, but there is an appeal to the three Persons of the Holy Trinity at once as one – incomprehensible, beautiful and magnificent. And this is an amazing characteristic of this prayer.

“Holy God” is an expression of our worship of the Creator as one God, we turn to the first Person of the Holy Trinity – God the Father; “Holy Mighty” – the most powerful, almighty – we call God the Son, who conquered death; “Holy Immortal” – never dying, eternal – we glorify God the Holy Spirit, who breathed life into every living creature, our infinite mastermind.

The prayer is read three times in honor of the Three Persons of the Holy Trinity.

This prayer is called an angelic song, because it is sung by the angels in heaven at the throne of God.

Christians learned about this prayer and began to use it 400 years after the birth of Christ. In Constantinople, a strong earthquake occurred, which destroyed houses, entire cities, and villages. The people, fearing such devastation, together with Emperor Theodosius tearfully asked God for help, for the cessation of the misfortunes.

During a common prayer, suddenly, a young man was lifted up to Heaven by an invisible force in front of everyone, and then was put down to earth unharmed.

Returning after such a wonderful journey, the young man said that he heard the Angels singing in Heaven: “Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy Immortal.”

People who saw and heard all of this began to repeat the words of this prayer in awe, adding: “Have mercy on us.” And the earthquake immediately stopped.

Let us rely on the unlimited mercy of God, constantly glorifying the Holy Trinity – our one God who gave us life.

Let us boldly sing along with the Angels here on earth, glorifying the Creator with an earthly and heavenly choir. There are no more beautiful words in the world than these angelic exclamations:

“Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy Immortal, have mercy on us.”

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