A Cancer Center is Attacked In Lugansk, On the Territory of which Stands a Convent

Source: Pravmir.ru
Within the walls of the convent, the sisters daily pray to God for peace, along with constant repetition of the Psalms and the prayer rule of St. Pachomius the Great.
admin | 07 July 2014
PRAVMIR. On July 4, 2014, at 4:00 AM, the Ukrainian Army carried out an artillery strike on the Lugansk Regional Clinical Cancer Center, on whose territory is located a convent in honor of the Holy Martyr Grand Duchess Olga.

There have been no human casualties. The church and the monastery’s grounds were not affected; however, shells and shrapnel damaged the clinic’s building and its various offices, relates the monastery’s website.

Within the convent, the sisters daily pray to God for peace, along with the constant recital of Psalms and the performance of the prayer rule of St. Pachomius the Great. Priests of the monastery’s St. Panteleimon Church daily serve the Divine Liturgy, as well as read prayers and Akathists (up to 40 daily) for the protection of all Donbass residents from gunfire and destruction.

The nuns call upon “Everyone, especially those who are now located outside the hostilities, to appreciate and cherish every minute of life allotted them by God, and not to be indifferent to our close ones, as well as to those who are going through trouble and misfortune; and never to be cool in the faith, love and prayer, so they are never touched by the great sorrow of war.”

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