Coffee with Sr.Vassa: Faith and Doubt in the Resurrection

Thomas was not the first disciple to doubt the news of the Resurrection. In fact none of Christ disciples believed this news when they first heard it from the women who had been to the empty grave.
Nun Vassa (Larin) | 27 April 2014

Faith or doubt are not abstract but part of relationship which is cultivated and addressed by both sides. From our side we can have various roadblocks to faith such as indifference, imagined self-sufficiency, prejudice, defiance or even fear. But from God’s side He speaks to us in various ways. He does address our various states of minds. Even, as it says in the Gospel, if the doors are shut by us. If we start to pay attention to how He speaks to us we can hear how God addresses us. It can be through other people who have faith, through the Sacraments like the Eucharist and through our experience of daily prayer.


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