Kremlin emphasizes demand for dialog between authorities, religious organizations

Moscow, April 25, Interfax - Dialog between the authorities and Russian religious organizations amid the growth of ethnic intolerance in the world and traditional values washing away is in special demand, Kremlin Administration head Sergey Ivanov said when speaking at a meeting of the presidential council on cooperation with religious associations.
Natalya Mihailova | 25 April 2014
Kremlin emphasizes demand for dialog between authorities, religious organizations

Role of religious organizations in maintaining spiritual and cultural identity of Russian ethnicities and their contribution to the implementation of the state policy on adaptation of migrant workers have been discussed at the meeting.

Dialog and partnership between religious organizations and various civil society institutions is in special demand amid the conditions, when the world faces serious issues and risks – growth of ethnic intolerance, traditional values washing away and devaluating, and substitution of moral and ethic guides, Ivanov said.

Russia’s spiritual leaders always consistently supported state and public unity and brought closer people of difference ethnicities and believes, Ivanov said. These organizations have high authorities and adherents among migrant workers listen to the opinion of Russian religious leaders, he said.

State bodies jointly with religious associations are able to build efficiently work on adapting migrant workers to the cultural, integral, language and legal field of Russia, the Kremlin administration head said

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