Palestinians demonstrate against sale of Greek Orthodox property in Jerusalem

Source: WAFA
admin | 09 September 2017
JERUSALEM, September 9, 2017 (WAFA) – Hundreds of Palestinian Christians and Muslims demonstrated Saturday at Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem’s Old City against sale by the Greek Orthodox patriarch of church property, according to WAFA correspondent.
Palestinians demonstrate against sale of Greek Orthodox property in Jerusalem
Members of the Greek Orthodox Church in Palestine protesting in Jerusalem against sale of church property. (WAFA photo/Afif Amireh)

The demonstrators included mainly Greek Orthodox Christians who came from various cities to tell their patriarch that it wasn’t his right to sell property that belongs to the community.

They also called for the resignation of Greek Orthodox Patriarch Theophilos III and his synod, demanding to replace the current Greek clergy with Arabs.

The demonstration came following steps taken by the Palestinian Arab Greek Orthodox community to escalate protests against the sale of church property, mainly at Jaffa Gate and in Jerusalem that went to Jewish developers and settler groups.

They said the property in question has religious, historical and strategic value to Christians in the Holy Land and its ownership should not go to any other party.

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