Primate of The Russian Orthodox Church sent the following greeting to Patriarch Irinej of Serbia on the occasion of the seventh anniversary of his enthronement

Source: DECR
Natalya Mihailova | 24 January 2017
His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and all Russia sent the following greeting to the Primate of the Serbian Orthodox Church with the anniversary of his enthronement:

His Holiness Irinej

Archbishop of Peć

Metropolitan of Belgrade-Karlovci

Serbian Patriarch

Your Holiness,

beloved Brother and Concelebrant at God’s Altar:

I wholeheartedly greet you with the seventh anniversary of your enthronement.

As you labour at the See of archbishops of Peć, metropolitans of Belgrade-Karlovci and Serbian Patriarchs, you have invisible help of prayers of the assembly of princes and saints, venerable fathers, martyrs and confessors of the fathers’ faith, who are sons of the Serbian people and adornment of the whole Church of Christ.

The Russian Orthodox Church prays for ‘time of refreshing to come from the presence of the Lord’ (Acts 3:20) to the successors of their deeds who are carrying the cross of suffering for Holy Orthodoxy in Kosovo and Metohia.

On this day so solemn for Your Holiness I wish you spiritual joy and good health for many good years of your Patriarchal ministry.

With invariable brotherly love in the Lord,



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