Putin’s Chef Shares Recipe of Traditional Kremlin Easter Cake

Source: Sputnik News
Natalya Mihailova | 29 April 2016
With the Orthodox Easter holiday quickly approaching, confectioners from the Presidential Property Management Department shared their special recipes for the traditional Easter cake made for Vladimir Putin and taught journalists how to make it.
Putin’s Chef Shares Recipe of Traditional Kremlin Easter Cake
© Sputnik/ Vitaliy Ankov

The recipe of the Easter cake for Putin was developed in 2009 and since then bakers from the department have used the same, already well-established recipe.

“It’s a traditional recipe we use every year. The only thing that changed is the decoration of the Easter cake, this year the cakes will be decorated with confectionary toppings,” Denis Mitrokhin, the chef of the Kremlevskiy food production facility, told journalists.

To bake the presidential Easter cake, one needs to follow a strict recipe. First, take exactly 437.5 grams of wheat flour, 132 grams of butter, 13.4 grams of dry yeast, 8 grams of vanilla, 134 grams of raisins soaked in brandy, 178 grams of sugar, 10 grams of salt, 60 grams of candied fruit, 9 milliliters of cognac and 44.5 milliliters of milk with fat content of 3.2 percent.

When all of this is ready, the dough must be made. Knead the dough and add the melted butter, soaked candied fruits and raisins. The finished dough should be left in a warm place for 2 — 2.5 hours and it should increase in size by 2.5 times.

If all the ingredients are right and the recipe is followed correctly, in the end one should have a 1 kilogram Easter cake. If that’s too much for a stomach to handle, the cake can always be cut into several smaller pieces.

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