Most Russian citizens think Russia needs Orthodoxy – poll

Natalya Mihailova | 29 July 2014
Moscow, July 29, Interfax - Three fourths of Russian citizens think that Russia needs Orthodoxy, the poll of the Sreda sociological service and Public Opinion Foundation, whose results were obtained by Interfax Religion portal on July 28, the Day of Rus' Christianization, showed.
Most Russian citizens think Russia needs Orthodoxy – poll

“During the survey 74% Russian citizens agreed with the statement that Russia needs Orthodoxy (31% agree completely and 43% rather agree). Seven per cent disagree with this statement (4% disagree completely and 3% rather disagree), and other 19% agree in some aspects and disagree in others,” sociologists said.

The fact that not a single respondent refused to answer this question is notable, sociologists said.

This stance is mostly shared by Orthodox believers (47% among Orthodox believers agree completely and 31% all people polled), residents of the Central Federal District (43%), Moscow residents (41%), and residents of cities with population over one million (40%). Meanwhile, the opposite viewpoint is supported mostly by those not believing in God (9% atheists and 3% all people polled).

The share of men, who utterly disagree with the statement or rather disagree (10% altogether) or doubt (23%), is above average, while women have above average results of those completely supporting or rather supporting the statement (80% altogether).

At that, age and education did not affect respondents’ replies and only the group of Russian citizens with special secondary education has more people, who do not consider Orthodoxy necessary (9%). As to occupation, executives (13%) deny the statement named more often, while unemployed pensioners (81%) accept it.

Citizens with lowest income throughout the country – below 4,000 rubles – have above average doubts saying they agree in some aspects and disagree in others (24%) that Russia needs Orthodoxy. Citizens with income 4,000 to 20,000 rubles more often support the given statement (about 80%), while Russian citizens with income over 20,000 rubles do not differ from the average statistical figures in any way.

“It is curious that among Islam believers only 1% disagree with the statement that Russia needs Orthodoxy, 33% agree in some aspects and disagree in others, and the remaining 65% agree,” sociologists said.

According to the information of sociologists, the share of Russian citizens believing Russia needs Orthodoxy almost did not change in the past two years. In 2012 the share of people supporting this statement was 73% and 74% in 2013.

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