How to Get Fraudsters to Hang Up

10 dialogues with the "bank security service"
Taisia Sidorova | 07 March 2021
How to Get Fraudsters to Hang Up
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Phone fraudsters pose as bank employees in order to extract data and steal money. But some people manage to figure them out. They do not hang up, but try to play deceivers in order to post the recording of the conversation on the network. has collected 10 such dialogues.

Attention! Bank crime investigators advise people to end the conversation at the first sign of a fraudulent call.

Do not tell anyone the full card details, CVV or CVC codes, SMS codes or passwords from Sberbank Online, including neither the interlocutor “from the bank” nor the robot.

Do you have doubts? Hang up and call the bank at the official number indicated on their website or in their official app.

“I have a bad memory”

– Hello, this is the bank’s security service.

– Hello, speak faster, I have a memory disorder, I remember only the first 20 seconds.

– There was an unauthorized entry into your personal account.

– Sorry, could you repeat that, please, I have a memory disorder, I remember only the first 15 seconds.

The caller hangs up.

“Please call me back in exactly 15 minutes”

– Hello, this is the bank’s security service.

– Sorry, I’m driving, could you call me back in 15 minutes?

They call back after 20 minutes.

– Hello, this is the bank’s security service, we called you a while ago.

– I waited for your call for 15 minutes, and it’s been now 20 minutes. I’m at the store, please call me back in 15 minutes.

They always call back a little later, so this can go on for a long time.

“All incoming calls to me are charged”

– Hello, this is the bank’s security service.

– Hello. All calls to this number are charged, the cost of a call is 30 rubles per minute. All conversations are recorded. Please transfer money in the first 5 minutes, or the money will be debited from your personal account.

After that, the caller swears and hangs up.

“I will only talk with Gref” [- CEO of Sberbank of Russia – Tr.]

– Hello, this is the bank’s security service. My name’s Ivan Ivanov and I’m the junior specialist of the bank…

– I don’t want to talk to a junior specialist. I will only talk to a senior specialist. And better yet, with German Gref. I’ll speak only with him and no one else.


“Oh, I’m right there now”

– Hello, this is the bank’s security service. An attempt was made to transfer money from your account. Did you do that?

– Where do you say it happened?

– In Ryazan.

– Oh, yes, I’m in Ryazan now. So maybe it was me.

They ended the call.

“Buy a massager”

– Hello, this is the bank’s security service. Have you just transferred 14 thousand rubles to a certain Alexander Ivanov?

– I can tell you my data, provided that you buy a facial massager from me. Its cost is 15 thousand rubles.

The caller hangs up the phone.

“And I am a sleepwalker”

– Hello, I’m calling from a bank. Suspicious transactions have been recorded on your account. The bank temporarily blocked your account for security reasons. Did you transfer money to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk?

– Yes I did.

– It’s late, aren’t you sleeping?

– I’m a sleepwalker.

“Tell me the password”

– Hello this is the bank’s security service …

– What is the password?

– What password?

– I recently bought the insurance against fraudsters. Now, if they call me from the bank, they have to say the code word. Say it, if you are calling from the bank. After that we can continue the conversation.

“Yes it was me”

– Hello, this is the interbank security service. How can I address you?

– Call me Your Eminence. I love The Three Musketeers, you know. And yes, I just made a transfer to Novosibirsk. And to Paris. And in general, I transfer money to whom I want. It’s my money, after all.

“Find another job”

– Hello. I am a technical specialist of Sberbank, two minutes ago someone changed your financial number. Was it you?

– Do you get paid a lot for deceiving people?

– Where did you get the information that I am deceiving people? I’m from Sberbank…

– Yes, I know, you will now say that since it was not me who changed the number, then you must protect my money, ask for my card number, codes from SMS… Is it how it works?

– Where did you get this information?

– Do you sleep well?

– It’s my job, you know…

– I hope you’ll find another job that won’t require deceiving people.

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