Merkel’s words about marriage as a union between man and woman sound like ‘the bolt from the rainbow blue’

Natalya Mihailova | 17 July 2015
Moscow, July 17, Interfax - Angela Merkel's words about traditional understanding of marriage have inspired the Russian Church.
Merkel’s words about marriage as a union between man and woman sound like ‘the bolt from the rainbow blue’
Merkel, EP

“Unfortunately, western mass media form such image of their societies which excludes even a chance to suggest that someone can be against the so-called homosexual marriages. That is why Ms. Merkel’s words sounded like the bolt from the rainbow blue in the media context,” head of the Synodal Information Department Vladimir Legoyda was cited as saying by his press service.

Earlier, Merkel in her interview with renowned German video blogger Florian Mundt confessed that she understood a marriage as a union between man and woman, but added that she supported ‘civil partnerships’ of sex-minorities.

Legoyda noted that the canceller’s words that she supported struggle against discrimination, but considered a marriage only a union between a man and a woman “are very important for many people in Europe and outside of it.”

According to the church official, these words can be signed by “millions of Christians and representatives of other religions all around the world who are tired of obsessive substitution of traditional values with false dogmas of political correctness.”

“It seems to me it is high time people, whose views on marriage differ from those one of the American Supreme Court, had a platform for expressing their opinion,” he stressed.

According to Legoyda, one of the modern society values is the freedom of speech and “this freedom needs special protection when we speak about ability not to agree publicly with immoral views on the nature of family and marriage, violently introduced to people’s lives in many countries.”

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