Metropolitan Onuphrius: Let us pray and not quarrel!

I ask the people of Ukraine, regardless of their ethnicity and religion, to be wise and not to succumb to provocations.
admin | 04 May 2014
The locum tenens of the Kievan Metropolis, Metropolitan Onuphrius of Chernovtsi and Bukovina expressed his condolences in regard to the tragic events in Odessa.

On May 2nd, 2014 tragic events occurred in Odessa. More than 40 people were killed and about 125 injured during confrontations. I express my prayerful condolences to the families of the dead and pray for the recovery of the injured.

The Ukrainian Orthodox Church asks and pleads with the Ukrainian politicians and other external and internal forces to not forment the fire of civil confrontation in Ukraine. Do not use the people of God and the Church in your own interests! We pray to God that peace will swiftly descend upon our land.

Photo: Michael Rodioniv,

Photo: Michael Rodioniv,

I ask the people of Ukraine, regardless of their ethnicity and religion, to be wise and not to succumb to provocations. Has not enough blood been spilled in recent months, to make us understand that only through peaceful words and not by force can we solve problems and conflicts?

Ukraine is our common home! Let us pray and not quarrel!

I urge the clerics of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church to show a weighed and responsible pastoral attitude during this difficult time.

And may the peace of God and mutual forgiveness be in our hearts!

+ Onuphrius,

Metropolitan of Chernovtsi and Bukovina,

Locum tenens of the Kievan Metropolis

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