Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh

Father Anthony of Sourozh was a Christian who lived according to his conscience and who preached the faith. He is one of the most prominent preachers and theologians of the 20th century, his books are the answer to the doubts and search for a modern man. Andrei Borisovich Bloom was born on June 19, 1914. After the revolution in Russia, his family was in emigration. The boy grew up outside the Church, but once a teenager he heard a conversation about Christianity of a prominent theologian, who however was not good at talking with boys who valued courage and military structure above all. Andrei Borisovich became a doctor. In 1939, before going to the front as a surgeon of the French army, he secretly took monastic vows. During the German occupation, he was a doctor in the anti-fascist underground. After the war he became a priest. Metropolitan Anthony became widely known not only in Great Britain, but throughout the world as a shepherd-preacher. He was constantly invited to preach the Gospel to various audiences, including on the radio and television. Metropolitan Anthony died on August 4, 2003 in London.