Catholic Priests Introduce the Street Counseling with Atheists

In Poland’s many localities priestly “shifts for non-believers” have begun. team | 25 May 2018

According to, a priest will be waiting on a street bench located in a popular vacation spot every Friday for six hours from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. until someone comes to him just to talk, to discuss something, perhaps, to share something important, or to simply ask for help in cognizing God.

As Michal Misyak said, one of the campaign’s initiators and a catholic priest, every counseling will be confidential like a confession: “But if someone would like to take part in the Sacrament of Confession, they will have such an opportunity”.

Priestly “shifts” are intended for non-believers, agnostics, and those who believe that there is no place for them in the Church.

“We want to talk about ordinary needs, people’s problems, God’s place in life, spirituality and doubts that may concern various life aspects. We understand that it is not enough to expect people in the parish churches. We ought to get to them where they are. To encourage conversation and discussion of issues that, perhaps, are important for them”, – says the priest.

“Our project is not for followers of Jesus Christ. So, we ask faithful Catholics not to come”, – clarified Misyak.

Translated by Julia Frolova

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